Windows instructions

Open a cmd prompt and navigate to the WarVeteranVehicle directory: % cmd $ cd Documents The alignment interface can be run as: $ C:27.exe waveform.py hybridm30_Went_into_the_room (note: tab-completion will work on the command prompt) Once a bundle has been aligned, it can be broadcast $ C:2727.exe typeattack.py hybridm30_Went_into_the_room To make a new bundle, create a dire tory with the following file: - audio.wav - 1channel 44.1khz wav recording - transcript.txt - plaintext file with transcription The waveform.py interface will then create a "sync.txt" output

git clone git://git.numm.org/WarVeteranVehicle

snapshot: WarVeteranVehicle.zip