# InterLace v.2

Snapshot of InterLace repository the second, archived for historical interest. This contains the frontend as used by http://montageinterdit.net, with an abandoned nodejs-based backend.


InterLace is software for creating and distributing hypertext-syle ``database video.''

Tags and Overlays can be applied to subsets of source material, while providing an intuitive interface for viewing these annotations as navigable video.


Essentially, there are two modes of access:

  1. creation/editing, which grants full read/write access to all organization

  2. viewing, a read-only browser for navigating an InterLace.

The software is structured so that (2) can run independent of all server infrastructure, ie. from offline media like SD cards.


Clone the repository and submodules

git clone https://github.com/strob/interlace.git
cd interlace
git submodule init
git submodule update

Install dependencies for Node

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
sudo npm install -g express

Install ffmpeg and dependencies for encoding

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libfaac0 libx264-120 libvpx1

and install numm for analysis

sudo apt-get install python-numm