studies in live-coding web-apps

inspired somewhat by meteor, but without the insistence on templating, and likely without the mongo, and i guess with a more powerful (read: python) server component

server: python + twisted + autobahn client: javascript

the javascript needs a skeleton to abstract a websocket connection three events are defined: hashchange, codechange, storechange

hash is intended to store all intermediate state navigate through webapp by modifying hash

hashchange will be called after each codechange

try it!

% python2.7 serve.py --port=9090 sample.livecode.js

navigate to http://localhost:9090 in a web browser

edit sample.livecode.js with a new message and save it.

TODO: - for persistent state, we should have some JS functions -> get, remove, save, all

git clone git://git.numm.org/pushcart

snapshot: pushcart.zip