= SoundFlash for Android =

Soundflash is a sound recorder that starts recording before you hit record. Future versions may support Transcendental Search(tm) and Sound Flash(tm) impulse response measurements with the Open Source Machine Gun.

== Related Work == ``from which we may pillage freely''

Audalyzer is a free-software realtime audio analyzer for Android:

Meapsoft, a GPL feature extraction engine written in Java, may eventually provide sophisticated onset detection facilities:

= SoundFlash Python VJ Suite =

FREQuency domain multiplicATION!!>:??> blasphemy!

are you really gonna be able to pick out the bombs in the middle of all those Soundflash[TM]es?

[Subsequent analysis has determined that any and all bombs found by SoundFlash(tm)'s patent-pending-pending FREQ-ATION(tm) were soley a result of overflow errors. --ed]

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