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the current implementation is very client-side heavy, and relies on couchdb's http api for persistence and realtime updates. i used my old "typewriter.js" script[1] to handle the peculiar keyboard input and stress-tested the under-development "i3.js" library from the latest InterLace iteration[2] to wrap the couchdb relation. and jquery;--: my days of raw js masochism are over!

deployment is fairly straightforward: we just need couchdb to be installed and for a server configuration (reference implementation provided for nginx) that maps the domain root to a landing page, any subdomain to the "live-notebook.html" source, and /subdomain/db/ needs to be reverse-proxied to an appropriate couch database. no init scripts or skeletons, daemons or demons, dbus or ...

let me know how it works for you!

-- rmo@NUMM.ORG

[1] http://readmes.numm.org/typewriter.js/ [2] http://readmes.numm.org/interlace3/

git clone git://git.numm.org/typo

snapshot: typo.zip